An essay on Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco

I’m very proud that my essay on “Modes of sign production” has been included into the volume dedicated to Umberto Eco in the Library of living philosophers.

Umberto Eco in the Library of living philosophers

Ultraxy is OUT!

My new album Ultraxy, including works written for Antunez Roca’s Ultraorbism and Alsaxy is out for Solitunes. Every cover album of the CDs is different and generated algorithmic by a modified toy caterpillar. Check it here.

Ultraxy, 1 of 200 covers

Systema naturae at Naturkunde museum

With Mauro Lanza we had the pleasure to play our whole cycle System naturae, including the three Regna plus the premiere of the final episode, Fossilia, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Berlin on June 19 with the amazing ensemble mosaik. A huge but rewarding amount of work,  surrounded by dinosaurs. Pics collected here.

Fossilia at Naturkunde Museum Berlin

Sapir-Whorf vs Boas-Jakobson. Note sull’aspettualità nei linguaggi di programmazione. A seminar

Semiotics/programming language

On May 4th,2017 I’m presenting a seminar on semiotic aspects of programming languages in the context of the seminar cycle by CIRCe of University of Torino, Semiotica dell’aspettualità.

Semiotics/programming language

Musica per un anno out for Mazagran

Musica per un anno

I’m very happy to have my computational implementation of Enore Zaffiri’s Musica per un anno out for Mazagran label. With a two essays by me and Vincenzo Santarcangelo. Special thanks to Riccardo Wanke.

Musica per un anno

Sound Image Space 2017


Here a wonderful video documenting the work I did with colleague Jörg Kiefel and the students in Cologne in the occasion of the DAAD guest professorship in Detmold, winter 2016/17.

SoundImageSpace in Cologne

amkastenrasten 17-22 01 17


As the final event of my DAAD guest professorship, we will present with the students an exhibition of multimedia installations at the Passagen Köln, between 17 and 22 jan 17. On Sat 21 I will play at St Michael church live impro with Simone Pappalardo. I’ll bring 12 hacked radios.


TheGifer in Turin, 04/11/2016

On Nov 4th I will discuss about animated GIF in the context of  the Gifer festival. I am also one of the judges that had the difficult task to assign the prize.

The Gifer events

Guestprofessor in Hoschule für Musik Detmold

I’m very happy to have started my semester as Guestprofessor in the “Detmold Residence for Sound, Image & Space Design” for the winter semester 2016. The image shows a workshop I did about using the wonderful Wave field synthesis system available in the Konzerthaus

Algorithmic spatialization

Regnum vegetabile at Klangspuren Schwaz

Regnum vegetabile at the Diskrete Machine concert.

Wonderful rendition of Regnum vegetabile by the specialist, ensemble mosaik, that invited me at Klangspuren Schwaz Festival on 10/09/2016 for the Diskrete Machinen concert. Here some pics.

Regnum vegetabile at the Diskrete Machine concert.