Instrumental works/scores

(First need a glimpse? Here is a repository of my recent scores).

(Recs also here on soundcloud)

Music scores

. Manoscritti della medusa, I-XII (2011), for improvising ensemble

REC: CLGEnsemble

. Alfabeto in sogno (2010), glyphs for solo flute

. Detti del tuono, I-IV (2009), for G-flute and computer-controlled percussions

REC: Ophélie Derieux, fl, Paolo Armao, mix:

. Scialoje, I-XV (Alfabeto in sogno, primo ciclo) (2008), for cello

. Lamine d’Antigone, I-V (2007), for 6 voices divided in two groups

REC: Alessandro Ruo Rui, dir., Heinrich Vogel, rec/mix:

. Iscrizioni su pelli d’animale, I-II (2006), for 3 percussionists and 18 percussions

REC: Trio di Percussioni OSN RAI (Maurizio Bianchini, Carmelo Gullotto, Claudio Romano):

. I 6 nodi, IV-VI (secondo emiciclo)(2006), for ad libitum ensemble of sound bodies

. I 6 nodi, I-III (primo emiciclo) (2005), for piano

REC: “compressed” version by Andrea Rebaudengo, piano, Paolo Valenti, rec/mix:


(For technical infos you may take a look in the Publications section)

A large amount of open source software has been used to create these pieces. My warmest thank to the OS community

. SuperCollider: audio analyis/synthesis, data processing, scripting, data sonification/visualization

. Python: data processing, scripting

. Praat: audio analyis/synthesis, data visualization

. GraphViz: graph visualization

. LilyPond: musical notation

. PyX: graphic notation, data visualization

. NodeBox: graphic notation, data visualization

. ConTeXt: TeX-based advanced typography

. MetaPost: graph drawing

. Inkscape: graphic notation, bitmap tracing

License and contact

All materials by Andrea Valle.
In case you’re interested in some stuff (and for every other question) please drop me a line at andrea [dot] valle [at] unito [dot] it.

Creative Commons License

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Umberto Eco as a Philosopher, 14/06/18

Eco as a Philosopher

Back to Bologna. Very happy to be invited to participate in the presentation of the volume dedicated to Eco by the Library of Living Philosophers.

Eco as a Philosopher

Algorithmic composition and automatic notation, 12/06/18

Le Scritture (2018)

I’ve been invited to discuss algorithmic composition and automatic notation at the Conservatorio D. Cimarosa in Avellino. It’s been a very nice occasion to introduce some experiences I developed since 2005.

Le Scritture (2018)

Spatialized Sound in Cinema, 8/06/18

Il suono spaziale nel cinema

I had the pleasure to discuss about spatialized sound in cinema with experts and sound designers at Università La Sapienza in Rome.

Il suono spaziale nel cinema

Les Amplitudes, 13-20/05/18

Les Amplitudes

Les Amplitudes

With Mauro Lanza and Simone Pappalardo we had an incredible week in Chaux-de-Fond (CH) for the Les Amplitudes festival. With Mauro we performed the whole Systema naturae cycle and then with Simone we played an improvisation setting under the Otosimbionte moniker.

On Nyman and Greenaway, 10/04/18

I’ve been invited to speak about Michael Nyman’s music in relation to Peter Greenaway’ films at the OGR-Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Torino. Here the announcement. I will intervene in duo with Domenico De Gaetano.


Historia universalis

I started a collaboration with the blog dedicate to electronic and contemporary music. Here and here the two parts of my first contribution, on algorithmic composition and automatic notation.

Historia universalis

Eskizos 25/01/18


On Jan 25th Marcelli Antúnez Roca will open his new multimedia installation -Eskizos- at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid.
I’m proud of having composed the music, and a bit sad not to be there.


Systema Naturae with Schallfeld in Graz

Systema Naturae in Graz

We performed Systema Naturae (the whole cycle of 4 pieces I co-wrote with Mauro Lanza) at Schaumbad, Graz, with wonderful Schallfeld Ensemble. In the occasion, we gave a couple of lecture at Uni and at IEM.

Systema Naturae in Graz

Live at StudiumLab, 07102017

Minute di cronometria, Live

We opened our new lab at the Department of Humanities (StudiUm) with a concert dedicated to improvisation, called Macchine all’impronta. Great friends musicians participated and we did two of my pieces, Annuario telefonico (with Federico Marchesano, Stefano Risso, Luca Morino and Francesco Bianchi) and Minute di cronometria (with Carlo Barbagallo, Dario Bruna, Amos Cappuccio playing my electromechanical percussion setup, special guest Simone Pappalardo and Jean-François Laporte).
Impressive 360 video by Stefano Sburlati (do not open with Safari) here.

Minute di cronometria, Live

At SMC 2017

After some years, I’m back at the Sound and Music Computing Conference, 14th ed, 2017, in Espoo. Presenting two papers, both available on line in the proceedings: Systema Naturae: shared practices between physical computing and algorithmic composition, with Mauro Lanza, and Electric Grammars. Algorithmic Design and Construction of Experimental Music Circuits, with Simone Pappalardo