Interview with Fluid-Radio

Gianmarco Del Re interviewed me for his very interesting Postcards from Italy series on Fluid Radio. I sent a postcard from Ciriè!

Postcards from Italy

Postcards from Italy, Ciriè

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Organum pineale, July2019-January2020

Organum pineale

We’ve been asked by the National Museum of Cinema to create a sound installation in the occasion of the exhibition #FacceEmozioni. So, together with Stefano Bassanese we thought about a sort of organ to listen to passions as described in the history of cinema, Organum pineale. Final design and realization by Guglielmo Diana, Luca Martone and Matteo Marson.

Organum pineale

Festival della Tecnologia, 9/11/2019

festival tecnologia

In the context of the Festival della Tecnologia, here in Torino, I will discuss with my friend and colleague Andrea Agostini about computer and music.
Here the link.

Recording Systema naturae, June 19

Recording Systema naturae

We have recorded the entire cycle of Systema naturae, by me and Mauro Lanza. Recording took place as StudiumLab, University of Torino, with the help of the School of Electronic Music, Conservatory of Torino. Rec by Paolo Brandi and Giorgio Casati. Stradivarius will issue a CD for the end of the year by mdi ensemble.

Recording Systema naturae

A computational reflection on sign production, 15/10/19

I’ve been invited by Maria Giulia Dondero and the équipe from the Centre de Sémiotique et rhétorique to participate in an workshop dedicated to “Enunciation and programming languages”. I will try to discuss a computational model for sing production.

Semiotic adaptive systems

SonaGraph at SMC Malaga, 30/5/2019

I’ve presented a poster at SMC Sound and Music Computing in Malaga. So, now there’s a paper on the SonaGraph project.

The original sonagraph

Masterclass in Genova, 12-13/4/19

I’ve been invited to hold a masterclass in physical computing/SuperCollider at Conservatorio di Genova by Daniele  Ghisi. Here the link.

Live at Superbudda 28/3/19

I’ve been playing at Superbudda as a guest with the wonderful Millis() project by friends Simone Pappalardo and José Angelino. New setup with two zithers and electromechanical bottles.

Live at Superbudda

Regnum lapideum at IRCAM/Pompidou 20/02/19

Playing at Centre Pompidou

Together with Mauro Lanza we’ve been invited to play Regnum lapideum for the IRCAM season hosted at Centre Pompidou, played by Ensemble 2e2m. Some info here. Pics courtesy of Herve Provini here.

Playing at Centre Pompidou

CIM in Udine, 20-23/11/18


I’ve been in Udine for the XXII Colloquium on Musical Informatics (CIM), the meeting of AIMI, the Italian association for computer music. I gave a workshop on algorithmic composition, presented a paper and gave a tutorial lecture on SuperCollider. Now waiting for proceedings.


Masterclass at GRAIM, Vicenza 22-23/10/18

Physical computing at GRAIM

I’ve been invited to hold a masterclass in physical computing/SuperCollider at Conservatorio di Vicenza, by GRAIM.

Physical computing at GRAIM