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Some resources for the SuperCollider audio synthesis language


A couple of systems for real-time audio developed in SC. See their page for more infos:


the SMC2010 tutorial

I've held a 3-hour crash course on SC at SMC2010 conference in Barcelona. Here you have the (scarce) material. Well, maybe not so useful without me explaining what I was trying to explain, but who knows...

the SuperCollider Italian Manual at CIRMA (tSCIRMA)

Some basic notes on SuperCollider (and on computer audio/music) for the Italian reader.

Available in three formats

  1. 2 pages x sheet: intended for screen reading. It's interactive: SC source files are included in the pdf (click the icon after each example to open them with Acrobat Reader).
  2. 2 pages x sheet: intended for printing back/front (4 pages for sheet, much nicer typography than 1, not interactive), so that you cut in the middle to A5 and bind (i.e. you can create a book).
  3. 1 page x sheet: like 2, intended for printing to A5 (useless) or scale up to A4 (maybe useful).

Version 17/05/07 here

SC Italian Tutorial: Italian translations of the tutorials

While working on his thesis, Paolo Olocco has translated in Italian an important part of the official tutorials. He has kindly allowed me to put it on line.

Here's the resulting pdf.

theSuperColliderHelpBook (tSCHeB)

The SuperColliderHelpBook (here) is a huge pdf book (> 2300 pages) containing all the help files in the standard distribution, typeset using ConTeXt. ConTeXt sources are generated by parsing the experimental html help version (via TheCollidingChampollion, an -highly- experimental Python module).

Known problems and issues:

  1. IMPORTANT: updated to 3.0. 3.2 updating seems a complicated (and time consuming) task.
  2. indentation in SC source examples (still) doesn't work
  3. sintax colorizing more or less works, but it is buggy (why? this is an interesting issue, indeed)
  4. style is poor
  5. lack of structure: depends on sources but maybe can be "worked around"
  6. more metadata to be added


USEFUL ONLY if you still need 3.0 version.There was a mysterious bug in PsyCollider.exe, 3.0 version, probably related to py2exe packaging utility. In (very) few cases, installation fails. For those unlucky cases you can still use PsyCollider via sources. We (Davide Biggin and I) have bundled all the stuff in a folder and added a batch file: double-clicking on the batch file should run PsyCollider as usual.

You can find PsyColliderBundled here

Graphing utilities

Some methods for generating graphics from SC.


Allows to draw class subtrees using the .dot format. It generates a .dot file that can be rendered GraphViz.

Code, help and pdf examples here


Allows to plot SC data using the PyX package for Python. Defined on the same classes of plot/jplot but with pdf output. It generates a Python .py file, then to be executed.

Code, help and pdf examples here


Praat is a powerful sound analysis sw with great graphical capabilities. More, it can be easily scripted. The Praat class provides support for Praat scripting from inside SC. In this way it is easy to have waveform/spectrum/spectrogram plotting (and to open them form inside SC). (Tested with macOSX 10.3.9 and Praat 4.5.08)

Code and help here

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